Thomas L. Singleton Consulting, Inc.
Owner's Representative - water, energy, and environmental services


Thomas L. Singleton Consulting (2012-Present), President, Owner. Dedicated to helping communities meet their long-term water supply, water quality, flood protection, and environmental needs through sustainable water resource management. Strongly committed to helping communities build stakeholder consensus and support for their projects. Developed and guiding implementation of the nationally recognized Sustainable Water Resource Management Plan in Winter Haven, Florida. National leader in managing for a continuous flow of ecosystem services for economic, social, and environmental benefits. Business sales and strategy consultant to other consulting firms and businesses. Member of the Southeast Watershed Forum Board; the Tallahassee Community College, Wakulla Environmental Institute-Environmental Science Technology (WEI-EST) Advisory Board, and; the University of South Florida, Urban Green Infrastructure Science Committee.

Atkins (2008-2012), Senior Vice President, Director Sales and Strategy, Project Director. Led over 450 scientists and engineers in developing and implementing water, energy, and environmental projects with thousands of clients from across the country. In 2011-2012, increased the number of proposals submitted by over 50%, nearly doubled the hit rate for both volume and fee, and increased the contracted and committed work in hand by 50%. These improvements were accomplished through the expansion into new markets and service lines and the implementation of a matrix organization anchored by sales leaders strategically placed within key technical service areas. Led the development of a sustainable water resource management plan and conservation and restoration targets to meet the long-term water resource needs of the City of Winter Haven, Florida. The plan provides a road map for planning management and growth in a way that will allow the community to protect and manage water resources and maximize opportunities for economic growth associated with the CSX intermodal transportation facility that is being developed in Winter Haven. The plan received the APEX Grand Award for excellence in writing and an Award of Excellence for layout and design and the Atkins National Recognition Silver Medal Award in 2011, and was featured in a number of technical journals, including Stormwater magazine, the Florida Engineering Society Journal, and the Atkins Technical Journal.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection (1996- 2008), Environmental Administrator. Led the development of the strategic approach for implementing the nationally acclaimed TMDL Program in Florida. Co-authored the guidance document entitled "A Framework for Implementing the Watershed Approach to Developing TMDLs." Assisted in developing and writing the 1999 Florida Watershed Restoration Act (Chapter 99-223, Florida Statutes), relating to the implementation of water quality standards, and the Impaired Surface Waters Rule (Chapter 62-303, Florida Statutes), establishing the methodology for identifying impaired waters requiring restoration and the development of TMDLs. Led stakeholder participation processes involving hundreds of stakeholders in support of developing and implementing TMDLs and directed a statewide team of professionals in all phases of water quality assessment, TMDL development, and the development of water quality restoration plans known as Reasonable Assurance Documents and Basin Management Plans. Notably, there have been no lawsuits with local governments over the implementation of TMDLs in Florida. Served as the Department spokesperson and liaison to the public and media for watershed assessments. Directed the development, editing, and production of all reports produced by the TMDL program, including the State’s biennial water quality report to Congress, water quality status and assessment reports, TMDL reports and implementation plans, water quality monitoring reports, and best management practice (BMP) manuals.

South Florida Water Management District
 (1991-1996), Governmental Representative. Directed the resolution of water resource issues in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Developed and managed the State's first mobile irrigation lab for agriculture water conservation and led revisions to the State's agricultural consumptive use permitting rules without challenge. Led the development of some of the State's first stormwater master plans and over $8 million in water quality restoration projects. Led the development of a regional watershed management plan to guide the rebuilding of south Dade after Hurricane Andrew in 1995. The project influenced the design of some of the urban water supply elements of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) and received the American Institute of Architects’ Honor Award for Urban and Regional Design in 1999. Led a multi-agency task force from 1991-1993 in documenting countywide deficiencies in the sanitary system, resulting in a $3 billion state and federal settlement with Miami-Dade County. Organized and helped implement a volunteer-based tree-planting campaign, "Planting a Tree for Marjory," in honor of the 101st birthday of Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Received the Keep Florida Beautiful Award, Citation for Outstanding Achievement, in 1992.


Graduate Fellow, Atkins Marketing and Business Development Institute, 2012

Graduate Fellow, University of Florida, Florida Natural Resources Leadership Institute, Charter Class, 1999

B.S., Biology, Florida State University, 1977

Honors and Awards

Florida Stormwater Association Outstanding Achievement Award. Sustainable Water Resource Management Plan, Winter Haven, Florida. 2014.

Atkins National Recognition Award - Silver Medal
“Conservation and Restoration Targets for Sustainable Water Resource Management, Winter Haven, Florida." 2012.

APEX Grand Award for excellence in writing. “Sustainable Water Resource Management Plan: A plan for restoring and protecting the water resources of the Peace Creek Watershed and Winter Haven, Florida.” The Plan also received an Award of Excellence for layout and design. 2011.

American Institute of Architects Honor Award for Urban and Regional Design, South Dade Watershed Project, 1999.

FDEP, Cooperative Team Awards, St. Marks River Watershed Pilot Project, 1997 and Suwannee River Work Group, 1999.

Keep Florida Beautiful Award, Citation for Outstanding Achievement, “Plant a Tree for Marjory” Campaign (Marjory Stoneman Douglas), 1992.

Leadership Gainesville, Florida XVIII, Participant, 1991.

Honorary Appointments

Southeast Watershed Forum Board, 2012-present

Tallahassee Community College, Wakulla Environmental Institute-Environmental Science Technology (WEI-EST) Advisory Board, 2012-present

University of South Florida, Urban Green Infrastructure Science Committee, 2013-present

Atkins Foundation Board, 2011-12

Virginia Chesapeake Bay TMDL Advisory Committee, 2010-12

Downtown Redevelopment Agency, Gainesville, FL, Board Member, 1989-91


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