Thomas L. Singleton Consulting, Inc.
Owner's Representative - water, energy, and environmental services


Tom Singleton, president of Thomas L. Singleton Consulting, Inc., is an owner’s representative for water, energy, and environmental services. He is a trusted client adviser with more than 37 years of experience in both the public (17 years) and private (20 years) sectors in water quality restoration, watershed planning, and sustainable resource management.

Tom is a nationally recognized and published expert in sustainable water resource management, watershed planning, water quality restoration, total maximum daily loads (TMDL), National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), and collaborative problem-solving. He has led diverse teams in addressing some of the most challenging land and water resource management issues we face today, including water quality restoration, sustainable water use, critical and sensitive areas protection and restoration, agricultural preservation, reclaimed water, pesticide registration, and post-hurricane restoration. He is especially adept at bringing highly polarized groups of stakeholders together to cooperatively solve problems.

Tom's experience includes the development, management, administration, and fiscal oversight of large, complex, and innovative projects; facilitation, collaboration, and conflict resolution; program development and implementation; financial analysis; public education and training; state and federal grant writing; data and information management; and business development and sales. Review Tom's projects to see how he has saved clients time and money in meeting state and federal regulatory requirements.

Tom is highly networked in the environmental and engineering communities. This enables him to draw upon the best and the brightest resource managers in the country to assist his clients. But remember, when you hire Thomas L. Singleton Consulting, Inc., you always get Tom.
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